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Press Startup To Play

Dec 20, 2020

A podcast that's all about the business of creativity and the creativity in business. The host of the show Gerald will touch upon topics that influence modern-day entrepreneurs and creatives.

In this episode, we touch on a common problem for creatives, turning passion into profit. 

We touch on 3 topics:

  • Reflect and Plan
    • What’s your passion?
    • Who’s your market?
    • Is this something I plan on doing for a long time?
  • How to Grow
    • Start small
    • Build a community
    • Take risks
  • What to Do When the Drive is Lost
    • Take a moment to breathe
    • Assess the situation
    • “Was this really what I wanted?”

Hope you all enjoy the listen. Peace, love, and stay awesome.  

Keep creating.